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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...oodle, alongside guidance for writers / facilitators when writing courses (flipped classroom approaches, tools, smart teaching and learning, multi-media storyboarding...etc). face-t...Brief description: Ex Primary/Intermediate teacher and now an eTeacher, ePrincipal and design/developer of online learning centres for schools/student groups.

  • Sam Weepers

    About me: I am a Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) in the Coastal Otago Cluster and based at Dunedin North Intermediate School.  Particular areas of professional strength and int...Location: Dunedin North Intermediate School

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  • Digital Citizenship

    ...port this and 'Hectors World' has been a great place to start for the juniors and middles. The netsafe resource is excellent too. Cyberpigs from media Awareness has been a great i...

  • Creating Connection.

    ...students beyond the zombie zone where they are desensitised by digital media.   Alonso Álvar...They need to be able to relate well to others, to have empathy. Digital media is a powerful medium to build...

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  • Getting ready to be in hotseat [or on the paepae] next week, exploring social learning through social media | http://bit.ly/mnftGO. Join me?

  • I'll tell you what I would like- a central place to share media- movies, podcasts, audio, presentations etc

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  • e-wrapper cluster

    e-wrapper cluster

    ...about improving the teaching and learning for our students, by raising engagement and providing both authentic and exciting learning contexts and media. The involvement and interact...

  • CPL


    Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL): Learning Media, Evaluation Associates, The University of Auckland.

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  • Jane Nicholls

    I work for CORE Education as the Site Manager for NZC Online.

    Tags: media, photography, web design, education, running

  • Online Learning Opportunity - Censorship

    A great opportunity for schools who have been doing film studies this year. Please contact Michelle directly to sign up to any of these offerings or to negotiate something tailored more specifically for students. Contact me if you need extra support with hooking in through Adobe and to let me k...

    Tags: vlnc, online learning, film, media, censorship, adobe connect, english, media studies

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