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  • Rupert Atkinson

    English and ESL teacher at Whangarei Boys' High School. A project I have been working on since 2012 is teaching is using Paul Nation's 1000 and 2000 vocabulary lists to improve the speaking and listening, and reading and writing skills of my students. I have taught this in Japan, Korea...

    Tags: Aikido, guitar, mechanics

  • DISCUSSION POST: Break out the games in your classroom

    We all love games! Join us as we host this discussion as we explore some simple game play tactics and mechanics to liven up your classroom.

    Tags: games, mechanics, elements, strategies, gamification

  • DISCUSSION POST: Break out the games in your classroom Part 2

    This is a second instalment of a four part series discussing the value and place of games, game-based learning and game development in the classroom. In this discussion, we take a peek at what makes a game a game, and how lessons can be gamified using game mechanics and design elements.

    Tags: gamification, game, mechanics, classroom, teaching