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  • Moturoa's Blog: Find Sums

    Today I gave Find Sums a trial- kids loved it. As I only have one iPod Touch children took turns playing five games each and then taking a screengrab ( HOME + OFF). We celebrated the fastest time to find the addends. Nice that you can change the sums to make it harder and children can record thei...

    Tags: ipod touch, ipad, ios, mathematics

  • Developing communities of mathematical inquiry (Education Counts March 201)

    Case 1, ‘Developing communities of mathematical inquiry’, illustrates how two teachers developed teaching practices that were highly effective for diverse learners. The case focuses on how these teachers accelerated the mathematics achievement of their year 4 to 6 students, most of wh...

    Tags: bes, mathematics

  • Mathsbox - Starters and Games

    Mathsbox - "A box of extras for busy teachers". "Games and activities... that you never get time to make..."Check out this website for starters, warmups and worksheets. Some downloadable pdfs and some swf (Shockwave Flash) activities for the projector. Have a look :)

    Tags: resources, starters, flash, projector, resources, maths, mathematics

  • VLN: e-Learning in Primary Mathematics

    This is the Primary Mathematics group in the Virtual Learning Network. If you're a Primary teacher, join this group too and connect with other Primary Mathematics teachers.

    Tags: Mathematics, Maths, Numeracy, e-Learning, Primary, ICT