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  • How do we find macrons (tohuto) for HP laptops?

  • Hey all, My staff and I are going to be taking a look at our new iMacs tomorrow. How have you been using them? What do we need to know?

  • Annette's looking for some ideas when using with iMacs with her juniors. Can you help? /discussion/view/918485

  • Make sure you come to #ConnectedRotorua at Lynmore School, this Friday 31 July at 4.30pm. It's a smackdown of great ideas, folks!

  • We're having a quick fire smackdown where you/us/we get to share cool tips/tricks for using e-tools in our classrooms http://bit.ly/2y14Pyg

  • We're getting ready for our 4min Smackdown on Thursday, do you have top tips/e-tools to share? Add them here: http://bit.ly/2yY0sJB