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  • Check out Pounamu, an online game for NZ’ers running on 6-7 June, focused on NZ’s future. http://macdiarmid.ac.nz/pounamu.

  • If you are keen to present or discuss a topic on the day, add it to http://educampwelly.wikispaces.com/Smackdown+WallWisher #educampWelly

  • Have a look at our macro photos. The children had to find things that "held our school together"

  • Here is the link to the slideshow :-) http://s1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa326/solwayschool/Macro%20Photos/

  • @gmacmanus Yes I've been following those - what I can understand technically :) I need to understand what it means to download a torrent

  • @gmacmanus And what do you think?

  • Loving the new WebDAV setup at school. Now I can transfer across movies and images wirelessly to our Server / Macs quickly and easily.

  • BYOD Survey Development > can you help? bit.ly/wkL3vQ via @gmacmanus

  • New Snapshot: Increasing student engagement through a constructivist approach supported by myPortfolio bit.ly/NCMACC

  • How do I add macrons for words in te reo in Google Docs? Thanks!