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  • @karenmelhuish i'm intending on going but waiting to hear about the efellowship - as usual i'll be saving my $$$ in order to pay ...

  • @ross.alexander It could act like a list on Twitter, where you set up a list of people to follow on a particular topic...

  • The VLN will be going offline in 15 minutes to allow for an upgrade

  • Can't go to L@S11? Follow the action via Twitter. Search for #latsconf :-)

  • Greetings to those just arriving from this morning's live session:-) A great first taster. We'll follow up with another soon.

  • Getting ready for the first EduCamp of the year in Wellington. Follow on Twitter #educampwelly :-)

  • ..and I have subscribed to the Wire via RSS as well | /mod/thewire/everyone.php. Now I can follow the stuff I like

  • Want to follow the daily activity on the Wire? New feature! Go to Account > The Wire notifications > tick the email box.

  • @jkellow15 What a positively wonderfully, refreshing idea Jan-Marie, I love the references to those really important things like Mums. :)

  • @jkellow15 They could even create some mini-movie clips like http://www.rattleyadags.co.nz/ I miss visiting I must say :)