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  • Adding a new course

    All courses on the VLN need to be added from the page of the provider that will be delivering the course. In order to take enrolments each course must have a class attached.

  • Adding a new school

    In order to add courses for your cluster you first need to add the schools/providers that will be delivering the courses

  • Setting Up Your Dashboard

    In order to access your cluster you need to configure your VLN Community Dashboard.

  • Develop a philosophical context

    ...derstanding that underpins the establishment of the LCO. Consider the following as you develop this statem...purpose and philosophical understandings for your LCO. Consider the following questions with your potent...

  • Learner Needs

    ...uipped witha teacher on staff who had the ability to, or even spoke, a foreign language. As many VLN clusters had already begun to venture into the lower secondary, and even primary...

  • Technical Coordination

    ...bust and well-maintained internal network, sufficient bandwidth, access to equipment, and technical support. This audit will be essential in the following stage to inform decision-m...

  • Learning and Teaching Resources

    ...Carry out a LCO-wide review of learning resources suitable for sharing across schools to support online learning. This can be facilitated by the following actions: Explore the LC...

  • Finance/Funding

    ...rticipants is included and that it is based on at least a 3 to 5 year plan of expenditure. Ensure draft budgets scope costs associated with the following: technology (including...

  • Relationships and Communication

    ...ing the vision, the goals and the operation of an e-learning clusters. Below is an example of a brochure u...that is produced by FarNet are student information stickers (see image below). FarN...

  • Learner Needs

    ...LN will need to meet the needs of their own cluster first. Action Following ‘learning needs audi...ents to feel like the teacher is just a face on the screen, and their fellow students are simply these str...