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  • Heading up to Karori - lots to talk about

  • This is pretty cool!

  • Good morning, people! :-) What's on top for you this week in your world of teaching and learning?

  • Coming soon - new VLN Homepage - next week we will update your homepage to show all activity, which we hope will make it more useful

  • Trying to figure out how to make my page look pretty.

  • @Chrissie.Butler Great idea:-) I like the way you wrap some blurb around the video to give a sense of why we might use each one. Very good.

  • Getting to know my way around- so far so good!

  • Does anyone have any good readings for 'Teaching as Inquiry'? I've been onto NZ Curriculum Online'

  • @lynross Wikispaces has a 'Scribd' widget. Go to widget > document > Scribd:-) Hope this helps

  • I changed my profile background to make it a pretty pink with my QR code header.