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  • ...but you need Wire notifications to sync with other tools e.g. email so you don't need to login to view the conversation

  • @ross.alexander @karenmelhuish Added wire RSS to my aggregator so didin't have to login so little action I thought the feed was dead ...lol

  • Proxy Anonymiser challenges - try to prevent extensions, but how to force users to login to Google?

  • Join the free Digital Citizenship webinar tomorrow 3:30-4:40. Details in the calendar http://bit.ly/JQPbdH. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P.

  • Join the free e-portfolios in the classroom webinar today 3:30-4:40. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P. Details http://bit.ly/LUy1IY.