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  • Peter Potter

    About me: I help schools implement and get up and running with their LMS. I work for Watchdog in the South Island an...raise e-capability and get schools thinking about how they can use their LMS.  Skills: lms

  • Heath sawyer

    About me: Much of my work at present is focused around helping schools make sense of elearning. This mostly involves the implementation of LMS and ePortfolios into school practice. I'm curren...Interests: lms

  • Viv Hall

    About me: ...al, working in the telecommunications industry.  Latterly I worked as an education consultant in the Learning Management field, (also known as VLE, LMS or OLE), in Australia and New...

  • Giles Lancaster

    Website: www.mbclms.school.nz

  • Mandy Dempsey

    About me: ...ght of my career - working for eTime for the past 2 and a half years, working with ICTPD clusters and assisting schools in the adoption of Ultranet LMS. Currently loving working wit...

  • Diane Henderson

    About me:

  • Steven Wills

    About me: ...nly based at St Josephs. Specialise in IT - all apple applications, Google products - blogging especially, and am currently engrossed in creating films. My vimeo user page can be f...

  • Rachel Wills

    About me: ...ng to expand our use of film on our blogs. My husband, Steve, is very enthusiastic about this (more than one burnt dinner while he's busy editing films) and does some of our ICT rel...

  • Nicholas Patrick Brown

    About me: A theatre director and teacher-educator from London, UK; married to Clare and dad to Cooper (six) and Katie (eight); mad-keen football player and sports fan.  Loves Wagamama, Gap and IKEA; Blur, Stephen Sondheim and Kate Bush; films by Powell and Pressburger; Lonely Planet Guides.

  • Nick Ford

    About me: ...esign & production webpage design, production & maintenance I am experienced with the following technologies  Blackboard LMS Moodle LMS Ultranet LMS Mahara e-Por...