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  • Don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!: Live webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • Check out the Enabling e-Learning Calendar of events for Term 3. Get involved in the webinars and forums! http://bit.ly/1qB9RfU

  • Trying out http://www.chatzy.com/ as part of the live field trip with @LEARNZ - nice to options for participation :) http://bit.ly/1fSkrcd

  • Enabling e-Learning calendar events: Just what we've all been waiting for! Put them in your dairy now: http://bit.ly/UOf7MF

  • Yes did watch it live. I believe the recording will be made available later for viewing in the NEAL Catalogue in the eTV Library.

  • Natasha Furness is looking for the best way to add live links to her blog for students to access. Can you help? http://bit.ly/1CtYZW0

  • FREE live webinar today: Unpacking the Science Learning Hub @ 3.45 - 4.45pm http://bit.ly/M3zrQV

  • Wow how exciting! Just in time for Christmas...the very new Inclusive Education website http://inclusive.tki.org.nz/ has gone live today!

  • Grow our #cenz14 home in the VLN: Connected Educator Month 2014 http://ow.ly/B0xIk. Join now to take part in October's events:)

  • 300+ online events to choose from this October! Tūmeke:) >> Calendar | Connected Educator Month 2014 http://ow.ly/BQmjg #cenz14 #ce14