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  • @mktmeke Add a calendar to yr profile: In yr Profile go to > Click to add widget > Choose Event Calendar. Add events: Tools>Event Calendar

  • Want to know how to use this space more? Go to /pg/pages/view/69158/ and register your interest for the LIVE event.

  • Still time to register for ICT PD Live event /pg/event_calendar/view/66044

  • Last orders...come and join us in tomorrow's ICT PD Online LIVE event @ /pg/event_calendar/view/66044

  • The September issue of Computers in New Zealand Schools 2011 is now ‘live’! Go to http://education2x.otago.ac.nz/cinzs/

  • Getting geared up for today's LIVE webinar @ 3.45pm BYOD: How to use mobile technologies effectively http://bit.ly/QEZ0Nc

  • Interesting results from a live poll asking, "Can a teacher be a good teacher without using technology?@ http://fizurl.com/teacherpoll

  • Enabling e-Learning goes live!! /pg/groups/118255/enabling-elearning/

  • Yesterday's LIVE webinar on the draft e-Learning Planning Framework has been recorded. You can view this here http://bit.ly/pPGoPn

  • Still an opportunity to join the LIVE seminar on the draft eLearning Planning Framework 3.30pm today. http://bit.ly/sL3DkI