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  • Google literacy support extensions and apps

    Tags: literacy support, dyslexia, google chrome, extension, app, wordQ, thoughtQ, Read&Write, grammarly

  • Literacy support in Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

    New technologies we can provide students with flexible and personalised literacy supports that remove barriers to learning. These are especially critical as students move up the school levels where the impact of a reading or writing difficulty can limit access to content and the ability of a stud...

    Tags: Google, Google Chrome, GAFE, Google Apps for Education, literacy, literacy support

  • Literacy Support - Comparing software for word prediction

    Test carried out 26th November 2014. Results published March. 2015. Literacy support software that has word prediction can give specific reinforcement and support with spelling, reading and editing. It can reduce the number of keystrokes necessary for typing words. We have completed a ...

    Tags: Literacy support, word prediction, wordQ, read&write gold, text to speech, write online, ghotit, cowriter