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  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    The problem with broken links should now be fixed, eg. an old link of style /pg/groups/935/vln-primary should now automatically go to the new format of /groups/profile/9...

  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    ...a doc.  When you click "Correspondence to parents via email", it goes to "all site files".  That is what happened to all the rest.  Links to pages in the VLN and on th...

  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    Hi Annemarie Are you able to give us an example of the file links that now go to the generic list - may be tricky I guess if you have now updated them all, but we are having trouble working out what you mean, so an example would be great if possible. Glen

  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    Hi Glen - I had a good play last night and discovered - as I wired - that file links went to a generic pile.  I redid all my hyperlinks.  Worth people knowing if they are submitting Milestone reports...

  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    Hi Breda Try /groups/profile/306293/esol-online/ - not sure if this is the group you are talking about - some of the old links to groups are broken - we will get these fixed in the morning. Glen

  • Comment on "VLN Upgraded"

    ...ged! For example our groups address used to be /groups/935/vln-primary/ now it is /groups/profile/935/vln-primary This affects all the links i have previously shared in n...

  • Comment on "Literacy resources."

    ...p;for Five Card Stories; a quick way of springboarding story ideas and building up to writing a digital story.  E-Pals Here are a couple of links to pen pal sites you can acce...

  • Comment on "E-Tools"

    ...l learners or for developing thinking skills.ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION http://www.primaryschool.com.au/List of lessons and activity ideas. Many links are Australian and linked to...

  • Comment on "Symbaloo"

    I love these web portals, thanks for sharing Jody. I have long been a fan of Netvibes and I know others who love iGoogle. You can view my links in Netvibes here >> http://www.netvibes.com/homegroups#Home    

  • Comment on "Using Windows Live Movie Maker"

    ...xtras like special video titles, end credits, music, and sound effects). More special effects can be found @ http://www.thefxarchive.com/ Links to thousands of video and bac...