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  • I enjoyed the links this week but I am having difficulty understanding exactly what is required. Should we be answering questions, learning all the lists ?????

  • Wanting ideas or links to how to get children to see a purpose for learning to read and write when they only do this at school. HELP!!!

  • @sharonk Kia ora Sharon, the web links for both of Week 3's surveys are on this VLN page: /pg/groupcms/view/51353/

  • You can also see the same links on my Twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/dakinane

  • New resource for Teacher Registration Criteria with links to e-learning: Digistore advisors http://registeredteachercriteria.wikispaces.com

  • I am looking at all the weeks of links that I need to catch up with. Slack, slack, slack.

  • @mrshyde and @AllanahK I'm thrilled these are timely resources for you. Got me thinking too. Any more great links on effective pedagogy?

  • Just updating a resource. Anyone got links to examples of using ICT to build relationships with learners or to get to know learners?

  • Loving the links between Registered Teacher Criteria and the e-Learning Planning Framework http://bit.ly/ljgZBz

  • Hi Monika, VLN search results: http://bit.ly/VuwvoP Some numeracy/literacy links compiled here: http://bit.ly/UB3DMi Any classroom ideas?