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  • Why Blog?

    There are a lot of great reasons why teachers need to have a blog or wikispace but it was brought home to me this week of the most basic reason of why even the least internet savy needs to have a blog or wikispace. Children need a generic place from which go to web spaces for learning without ty...

    Tags: blogging, web 2.0, website, link learning

  • iPad Sharing #3 Apps To Support Literacy

    This is a direct copy/paste from my Edublog. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out on the VLN and whether the videos play! http://allanahk.edublogs.org/ This week I was asked to give a presentation to the Nelson Library Network Meeting focussing on iPad Apps to Support Literacy so we com...

    Tags: link learning, ipad, ios, ipod, qr codes