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  • Tessa Gray

    Brief description: Enabling e-Learning online facilitator. I'm excited about the prospects of the VLN and how it can bring like-minded people together online. I am here to help promote discussions and share effective practice.

  • Rob Rush

    About me: ...as Principal (U3). I am married to my amazing wife Jane and we have three children, Reece 11yrs, Nick 8yrs and Amy-Jane,  7yrs. In my free time I like to run, walk, bike, kayak rea...

  • RawiriMckinney

    About me: ...and students blown away by the experience. Limited spaces 2010. Register on the site and do the start-up activities if keen. Email me if you would like any more information...

  • Chris Le Cren

    About me: ...ld a range of teaching and leadership positions in secondary schools and have a passion for innovative teaching and learning with ICT. If you would like more information about what w...

  • Liz Hannah

    About me: Teach Psychology - so mad as a hatter. Love music, photography and psychology. Like to argue so be prepared to discuss things!

  • Christian Alino

    About me: ...gh the educo website. I found this approach interesting and the students liked the fact that they can see t...of century 21st learning is what I am passionate about and what I would like to investigate, learn more an...

  • Janey Nolan

    About me: ..."Isolated to Connected, a Community of practice for geography teachers from remote locations" We have 82 members and hope other educationalists may like to join this group on-line.

  • Philip Buchanan

    About me: ...lovely lake nearby.  Currently I am DP at Rangitahi College, Murupara, where we have around 100 secondary students in a decile 1 community and the likelihood of amalgamating with th...

  • Mark Herring

    About me: ...h is why I think this revolution of learning is so exciting to be a part of right now. I'm a keen blogger of my adventures (my posts come in waves like the tide!) and love the colla...

  • Iain Cook-Bonney

    About me: ...hools. I have been a facilitator in three ICTPD contracts over the past ten years. I am passionate about ICT in education, a bit of a 'pioneer', I like to try out new things and see...