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  • Wellington Loop Learning Support Teachers Group

    Wellington Loop Learning Support Teachers Group

    A group for teachers in the Wellington Loop (and other) Schools who work in the learning support area.

    Tags: wellington loop, learning support

  • App Guide: Clicker Docs and iWordQ UK

    This month, I am taking a closer look at two apps that are commonly used to support literacy. Clicker Docs and iWordQ UK are word processing apps which provide additional help for those who find writing a challenge. These apps work best when the user is able to make reasonable guesses a...

    Tags: Assistive Technology, literacy, iPad apps, writing, predictive text, learning support

  • Secondary Learning Support Coordinators

    Secondary Learning Support Coordinators

    A place to support each other and enhance the professional knowledge for the teachers described as SENCo, Head of Learning Support, Learning Support Coordinator and the variety of other names given to this role across the country. There may be more than one teacher in your school who could belong...

    Tags: Head of Learning Support, SENCo, Learning Support, Coordinator, secondary learning support, HOD learning support, learning needs, SENCo, special education needs coordinator