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  • What Games Have to Teach Us About Teaching and Learning: Game Design as a Model for Course and Curricular Development

    A blog article that reviews James Gee’s What Do Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Long and rich article that tackles the question of "how exactly to take advantage of the benefits Gee has made apparent in this book. How do you take the exciting characteristics of vi...

    Tags: learning games

  • Open Game Art

    A large selection of good, free, legal art for game projects.

    Tags: learning games, assets, images

  • Lost Garden's free game graphics

    A very high quality of game graphics, along with explanations of how to design game maps.

    Tags: learning games, assets, images

  • Vanished

    Learning science through games by the Smithsonian Institution and the MIT Education Arcade

    Tags: gaming, learning games, inquiry learning, problem based, collaboration

  • Moving Games Forward (pdf)

    Abstract: "The notion of using video games for learning causes some to cringe, others to leap for joy, and many to ask questions about this learning medium. These questions often come from people and organizations that are considering delving into the world of learning games but don’t know ...

    Tags: gaming, learning games

  • Assets for mini-game content

    The Reiners Tileset propose a huge collection of animated Sprites with positions in the e-ne-n-nw-w-sw-s-se orientations. All released as freeware. As stated on the readme page freeware "All the graphics, textures and meshes are freeware. Even for commercial Games. I just want my name in the Cred...

    Tags: gaming, learning games, digital resources

  • Game Design

    Prensky’s six structural elements of games, namely Rules. Games set down limitations and draw lines on how the players may interact with the elements in the game. Players learn the rules and their options very quickly. → mechanics, rule Goals and objectives. Games use well-placed...

    Tags: learning games, learning in a flash

  • Game Mechamics

    Capture the the system of features that make games fun, compelling and addicting. Particular components of the game, at the level of data representation and algorithms. Can include: rules → game-rule (operational, constitutive, implicit) narrative → narrative goals →...

    Tags: learning games, learning in a flash

  • Game Aesthetics

    The notion of game aesthetics describes the desirable emotional responses evoked in the player, when she interacts with the game system. game user interface game user experience game usability

    Tags: learning games, learning in a flash

  • Game Dynamics

    The notion of game dynamics describes the run-time behavior of the mechanics acting on player inputs and each others' outputs over time.

    Tags: learning games, learning in a flash