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  • Leigh Hynes

    Skills: online learning communities to build leaning capacity

  • Jocelyn MacKay

    About me: After completed my Master in Education and being intensively and extensively involved in the ICT and e-learning communities in NZ I have taken time out to travel and to teach and advise with...

  • Paul Keown

    About me: ...sted in the potential of online learning communities over many years. I began t...the idea of democratic dialogue communities and open ended discussion as...ests in my PhD study on virtual communities of practice for teacher professional dvelopment and learning completed in 2009.

  • Chris Jansen

    About me: ...ct which has involved developing a leadership focussed professional learning community using a process cal...ns through a living system lens’ and ‘Leaders building professional learning communities: Appreciative inquiry in acti...

  • Technology Centre

    About me: ...ution that has transformed every other industry. How do we get there? By engaging students in meaningful projects, by creating learning communities, by extending learning beyond the class walls and schoo...