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  • Strategic Planning for e-Learning

    ...ategically plan for the effective use of e-Learning in your schools.  Share ideas, plans, suc...gets you are setting.   Enner Glynn School Here is our plan for 2011.&n...ccess, not the deeper nuances of improving learning outcomes with the use of eL...

  • Academic Commenting

    Over 2011 we will track our growth in using academic commenting. Term 1 Week 9/2011 C...rom Year 0 students & students comments from other classrooms at Tahunanui School at: Room 2 - 2011 Blog Why i...

  • Tahunanui School

    ...e the parent wikipage and new school webpage We will aim to provide: E-learning walkthroughs for parents and...their child's blog or online learning ICT Strategic Plan 2011 - Tahunanui School PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUN...es afforded by e-learning* School wide notices delivered o...

  • Stoke School

    Follow the link to a draft version of Stoke School's ICT Strategic Plan. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sg32S93DUjb_7kwDWR2I8DyDsM4yhmgzEmveTNjxE1g/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

  • Enner Glynn School

    Here are a couple of quick ideas that we are trying to increase interest in our blogs....in the meantime. Justine our AP has suggested a "Blog Award", at her previous school they had a mouse sprayed gold...

  • Leadership of Lead Teachers

    In your role as formal leaders of e-Learning in your schools, how do you effectively lead e-learning development and measure the success of e-learning in supporting learning and achievement in your schools.

  • Leadership of Principals

    As the strategic and operational leaders in your schools, how can you effectively integrate e-learning in your schools and strategically continue to keep up with the developments (while ensuring the students are actually achieving more as a result)?

  • Contributing to Class Blogs

    How we aim to encourage parent contribution to class blogs during 2011: Sending a le...student writes a blog post sent a note home Reminders about classblogs in the school newletters and class newslett...

  • Respect and Protect

    ...the book we recorded our ideas about what our school cyber safety agreement meant to...; We regularly had discussions around using e-learning htorugh out the year. ...or the students ideas. We also chopped up our school agreement and matched to the...