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  • Peer Tutoring Strategies Planning Chart

    Based on Peer Tutoring strategies in Hornby, Atkinson and Howard (1997), this is a practical visual aid teachers and students can use to support implementation of the evidence-based practice of Peer Tutoring in the classroom.

    Tags: Learning

  • Multiple Intelligences Student Survey

    Which question should we be asking students: "how smart are you?" or "which 'smarts' are you developing?"  Based on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory, this survey can be used to support a student to identify their learning strengths and/or preferences. &...

    Tags: Learning

  • Reading Strategies Resources

    Word Attack Strategies Bookmark: can be used as a resource to support readers to decode and comprehend difficult/unknown words.  Visuals and text illustrate each strategy. Word Attack Strategies Bridge: can be used as a resource to support teachers during reading instruction to teach deco...

    Tags: Learning

  • Visual Literacy Reading Comprehension Strategies

    An article that addresses the role of visualising and visual literacy in reading comprehension.  Is full of 'easy to read' practical ideas that teachers can implement in the classroom to support students use of their visual strengths to support their reading comprehension.  Ther...

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  • Brain Research-Based Teaching Approaches

    An 'easy to read' and short article written by Judy Willis MD (Neurologist/Teacher/Grad School Ed faculty/Author).  The article outlines brain-research based teaching strategies and learning activities that are focused on engaging students by 'tapping into' students' natu...

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  • Close Reading Strategy Visual Prompts

    A visual resource aimed at students to support Close Reading strategies in the classroom.  Developed by teachers for teachers.  Supports teachers to achieve the underlying purpose and goal of Close Reading:  “The teacher’s goal in the use of Close Reading is to graduall...

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  • Star Buddies

    A simple collaborative learning organisational template for the classroom.  This can be used to support the organisation of evidence-based collaborative learning interventions, such as peer tutoring, reciprocal teaching, tuakana/teina etc.  Just write a student's name in the mi...

    Tags: Learning