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  • Blogs, blogs, blogs

    This is a link to my main blog - aboxofthistles And this is my blog about what happens in my Spanish classes.  Sometimes I put the same post in both blogs. 

    Tags: learning, teaching, technology, pedagogy, growth, development, curiosity

  • An Overlooked Learning Environment - Madeline Campbell

    cross-posted from http://virtualicteltpd.ning.com/profiles/blogs/an-overlooked-learning-environment In education, the most important, primary, and over-looked 'modern learning environment' is the space between our ears. How we think, what we think, and why we think it, catalyses and forms functi...

    Tags: environments, growth, learning, mindset, modern, practices

  • What have we been talking about?

    It’s been a busy year and you have all had (e-learning) things on your mind. Each time we connected with each other online, we collated these conversations for you in the Enabling e-Learning blog. We ran several virtual workshops throughout the year where over 600 community members...

    Tags: enabling e-learning, summary, online, community, reflection, learning, conversations

  • Come join us in Enabling e-Learning 2015

    Join us in  Enabling e-Learning   Leadership    |     Technologies    |     Teaching  | Professional Learning  |     Beyond the Classroom | Connect to the N4L managed...

    Tags: enabling e-learning, online, community, learning, conversations, join

  • Different ways of thinking about learning

    Different ways of thinking about learning Rosemary Hipkins, NZCER   I love reading short snippets of gold and this paper (first in a series of papers from NCZER that discusses the challenges of future focused learning) provides a summary of ideas about learning itself - in six short pa...

    Tags: NZCER, future-focused, learning, conversations, understanding

  • The nature of learning: Using research to inspire practice

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this booklet, The nature of learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice (OECD) from the Innovative Learning Environments Project. We’re often looking for research to back up the way we think and work, and here’s a source that gives the most up-to-dat...

    Tags: 7, principles, learning, fundamentals, science, design, application, 21st Century, compentencies

  • Resources to get started.

    A resource to get some thinking going. Please ask for access if you want to collaborate some content.

    Tags: digital technologies, technology, curriculum, learning, elearning

  • Added to the Digital Technologies Presentation

    Hi all. At the CS4PS, with CS unplugged, python and other ideas. Added to the Coding section some more just released activities for Scratch and Python.    

    Tags: digital technologies, technology, curriculum, learning, elearning, computational thinking, pedagodgy, robots

  • Scratch Resources I have Built

    Hi all some Scratch Resources: Also check out my POND Collection.

    Tags: scratch, coding, digital-technologies, maze, game, design, perseverance, code, pupils, code-club, blocks, school, elementary, k1-7, learning, creative

  • Further Digital Technologies Information from TKI

    Latest info and new resources on TKI Digital Technologies here. http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Teaching/Curriculum-areas/Digital-Technologies-in-the-curriculum

    Tags: digital-technologies, computer-science, coding, design, perseverance, code, pupils, code-club, blocks, school, elementary, k1-7, learning, creative