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  • robin ohia

    About me: ...ased in the lower North Island. I am based in Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Atihaunui ā Pāpārangi in Whanganui and currently have approx. 600 online learners from within our participatin...

  • Fiona

    About me: ...naiakalani Project. Fiona is also a fan of EduCampNZ un-conferences  and uses her blog, VirtualNorth and Twitter, to share and connect with other learners.

  • Diane Mills

    About me: ...itoring clusters of mostly secondary schools throughout New Zealand as they move through their ICTPD contract.   I am the archetypal 'lifelong learner' having combined full-time se...

  • Madeline Campbell

    About me: ...out working with the Toki Pounamu cluster of schools to support visible learning, the learn-create-share pedagogy, and accelerate achievement for learners living in a digital world.

  • Anne Kenneally 

    About me: ...on for innovative learning spaces and mobile learning, I've been able to interact and collaborate with educators to enhance opportunities for her learners.     

  • Emma Watts

    About me: ...e been leading e-learning for 4 years in NZ.  I am passionate about using e-learning 'tools' to encourage students to be independent and creative learners.  E-learning gives communiti...

  • Chrissie Butler

    About me: ...istry of Education's Professional Learning and Development programme. Innovation in the development of learning environments that engage every learner is my first passion. Am also...

  • Michael Boddy

    About me: I am the Facilitator for the Town and Country ICTPD Cluster in the Palmerston North area. I am also the Lead Teacher at Kairanga School and I enjoy the challenge of inspiring others to become Digital Learners.

  • Wendy Stafford

    About me: ...ith learning organisations, teachers/tutors, students, and their families to co-construct learning environments that enhance learner engagement and achievement through Learner Agency (self-regulated learni...

  • Jason Mischewski

    About me: ...into the 'Internet Paradigm', we have at disposal the tools to support learners into a future of unknowns. T...direction in creating confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners. With the right 'Pedagogy' a...