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  • Te Apiti ICT Cluster ICT Lead Teacher Workshop

    Our first ICT Lead Teacher workshop for 2011 is on this Wednesday (16th Feb) at Russell Street School.  The morning officially starts at 9am, however please arrive by 8.40 so we have time for intros and a news catch-up.   This year, the cluster will provide a nice morning tea, b...

    Tags: ict, ict, teaching, learning, leadership, vln, te apiti

  • Agents of change

    Tags: change, elearning, leadership

  • Riverdale School's in-class support

    Cluster Goal 2 Strong leadership of eLearning Cluster Goal 3 Teachers and students use ICTs capably, creatively and considerately within authentic learning experiences resulting in higher levels of student The context To support and empower the staff teaching in the Junior school to trial ...

    Tags: Te Apiti ICT Cluster, elearning, modelling, scaffolding, support, teaching as inquiry, students, strategy, leadership. tag_names:subjects: elearning, digital literacy, ict skills, leadership, scaffolding

  • Emerging Leaders' Symposium 2011

    A two-day symposium for emerging leaders in education

    Tags: learning, professional_development, unconference, leadership

  • Leading the integration of e-Learning

    National Goal: principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational) Cluster Goals: Develop leadership and leadership capability within the schools and cluster Developing Principal professional growth and strategic leadership for change Develop ...

    Tags: leadership, change, elearning

  • Leadership of Lead Teachers

    In your role as formal leaders of e-Learning in your schools, how do you effectively lead e-learning development and measure the success of e-learning in supporting learning and achievement in your schools.

    Tags: leadership, professional learning

  • Leadership of Principals

    As the strategic and operational leaders in your schools, how can you effectively integrate e-learning in your schools and strategically continue to keep up with the developments (while ensuring the students are actually achieving more as a result)?

    Tags: discussion, leadership, change, trends

  • Strong leadership of eLearning

    National Goal 2 Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational) The focus Cluster Goal 2 Strong leadership of elearning The rationale To extending the number and capability of leaders at all levels through a deliberate leadership programme tha...

    Tags: leadership, reflection, . tag_names:subjects: teaching and learning, elearning, leadership