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  • at the Link Learning lead teacher day in Nelson

  • Introducing the Blended e-Learning team /pg/groupcms/view/44121/ They may 'pop' into your space as a support buddy - from time to time :

  • Heck - it pays to check the junk box - have just found an invite to a group here... Hello now to the team in the ICT PD group :).

  • Just finished an inspirational catch up session with Wellington Loop e-Lead teachers. Thanks everyone!

  • Do you lead ICT professional learning in your school? Then this is a thread for you :-) http://bit.ly/jgSssY

  • I was so proud of my team today http://goo.gl/aMZ45 Fabulous sharing of how to foster home school partnerships.

  • VLN support site is now complete https://sites.google.com/site/vlnlinklearning/ should be useful for our team.

  • Working with the Masterton ICT Lead Teachers

  • @kokachrissy We are in our lead teacher meeting today and also ready and waiting, we were all day yesterday too!

  • @jesshalliscool is he visitin ur cluster? some of my lead teach goin 2 his brekouts for eportfolio, hws his session?we are on the vln netwrk