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  • LT Sharing Day

    9am -3pm

    Tags: feedback, teacher inquiry, sharing, lead teachers

  • BTG Lead Teacher Meeting(2)

    Tags: lead teachers, bridging the gap

  • BTG Lead Teacher Meeting(3)

    Tags: jean batten school, lead teachers, bridging the gap

  • BTG Lead Teacher Meeting(4)

    Tags: lead teachers, bridging the gap

  • TeKids Term 2 Week 7 - Lead Teacher Group Reflection

    Facilitator visited Somerset Crescent school in Week 4 and got feedback from their TeKids regarding TeKids session (Somerset Crescent TeKids Wikispace - http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/SomersetCres) This discussion on the VLN and consequently Kate adjusted her Week 7 session to accomadate mor...

    Tags: lead teachers

  • LT Day

    Please bring along your computer as we will haveing an online tutorial with Suzie Vesper on the use of Digistore

    Tags: pd, leadership, lead teachers

  • Building an E-Learning Vision

    One of the key pieces we have found at Terrace End to be beneficial in the development of a school wide guideline on policy and practice was in gaining some outside expertise from Lyn Ross, a facilitator from another local ICT PD Cluster. One of the most beneficial was in the development of a Thi...

    Tags: thinking, thinkers keys, e-learning, thinking tools, thinking toolbox, teachers, lead teachers

  • Leaving Nothing to Chance, written by Karin Chenoweth. Education Leadership/Nov 2010

    What Key Issues emerge from this reading? Key catch phases. Inspect what you expect. Relentlessly respect and Respectfully relentless. Key ideas - Student performance and achievement and teacher peformance and expectations. Identifying effective leadership methods to best aid the students in...

    Tags: lead teachers

  • Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    We are a group of Lead Teachers working to promote and develop mathematics learning and development in our schools. We value the opportunity to meet together and share 'best practice', to discuss, question and debate issues affecting our students. We like to keep up-to-date with current research ...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, lead teachers, lead teacher numeracy

  • Reflection Session 4

    PLUS MINUS INTERESTING Got to learn something new It was fun Got to think about new ideas Got to be creative Exploring different things Try out the Green-screening Using past skills How to get rid of the background Learnt how to do different things on the camera...

    Tags: lead teachers