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  • Welcome to everyone who has registered for the Enabling e-Learning workshop. Starting in 30 minutes...http://bit.ly/ulvIDf

  • Just prepping for the 'Digital citizenship' workshop this afternoon /pg/event_calendar/view/158225 All welcome :)

  • 1 day left for the Leadership 30 day challenge. Last commentary welcome today @ http://bit.ly/vpfGr7

  • Kia ora and welcome back! Wishing you all an exciting and purposeful few weeks for term 2! :-)

  • @Jenny.H Welcome Jenny, there tips for getting started in the VLN @ http://bit.ly/fPOTAd and an e-learning roundup @ http://bit.ly/zyRj2H :)

  • Welcome to all our new members - exciting growth in our community this term! Jump in, ask a question, use our expertise http://bit.ly/noWTW6

  • Welcome to the world of curriculum integration at Fraser. http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Welcome back! New year, new faces Getting to know your learners? http://bit.ly/23EWkVa and http://connect.vln.school.nz/knowinglearners/

  • Working with an enthusiastic group of PoriruaNet teachers here in the VLN:-) Welcome - haere mai.

  • Haere mai, afio mai, welcome to all those who are joining the Connected Educator Month group in the VLN! :) http://bit.ly/VLNinCEM #cenz14