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  • ... just set up to be part of a VLN online taster class with Rachel for Tuesday :O

  • ...is sitting with Debz and will soon join the VLN online taster class with Rachel:)

  • Our Senior class are presenting their learning and next steps all digitally, well done Ainsley and Room 1!

  • Am just about to go out and play Ki-o-rahi with my Year 10 class. Beautiful day in Christchurch....no movement...at least not huge ones. Lon

  • Have set homework using google forms and embedded it onto my class blog,exciting! http://www.mis.school.nz/syndicate-one-homework-week-9

  • Each child was using KidPix on a laptop to make a picture for our Goldilocks i-movie. It was helpful to have extra hands and guidance!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61q5Q4SIbcI Some tips for school... one being... don't watch videos in class. Oh lunch just flies by. Enjoy

  • AWESOME day @ Whg Primary today - QR Code Treasure Hunt created by senior class 4 juniors. All went well with lots of learning experiences!

  • I am at the moment watching the NE five year olds in my class teach each other skills using the laptops. I love my job!

  • We need 3 more favourite class blog posts to finish the site by the end of 2011 https://sites.google.com/site/linklearningexemplars/