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  • Pip McKenzie

    About me: ...Net - first urban cluster) for 3 years.  Its been an amazing learning experience and given me a love of ITC. Cant wait to get my new updated apple laptop in 2012. I live in beautiful...

  • Sarah Stock

    About me: Senior Teacher Tauranga Intermediate & ICT lead Teacher.  I am part of a Multimedia 1:1 Laptop Syndicate with Year 7 & Year 8 students.    

  • Greg English

    Brief description: At present teaching in a 1:1 laptop class at Taradale Intermediate, Napier, NZ.

  • Warren Grieve

    About me: Digital Technology specialist and eLearning leader. Boys school. 1:1 laptop programme running with Apple TV and iPads also. Enjoy writing, blogging and making contact with other teachers.

  • Donna Smith

    About me: Acting HOD English, TIC Integrated Studies at St Hilda's Collegiate School in Dunedin. ADE Class of 2013 /blog/view/713149/1-1-laptop-case-study

  • Nick Wilson

    About me: I am a PRT1 year 7/8 educator in a 1-to-1 laptop classroom at Ross Intermediate School in Palmerston North.

  • Shona Poppe

    About me: ...needs) and an average of 4 desktop computers in our other 21 classes. At present we have children in the digital classes bringing their own Apple laptops, but we are looking to move...

  • Kathryn Munro

    About me: ...ouple of oldies thrown in. I have 2 special needs kids, 1 wonderful TA and a great Trainee Teacher. So a pretty busy classroom. We have 8 Windows Laptops in the class.

  • Brodie Wilson

    About me: I'm a year 7/8 teacher.  The class has 2-to-1 laptops and is working to increase their usage.

  • David Farquhar

    About me: ...uidance around BYOD plans, staff Professional Development and device use. Access to HP resources, including trial device such as printers, laptops, etc. Guidance on TE...