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  • @Toni.Twiss Greetings to the advisors working with Toni, today:-)

  • New resource for Teacher Registration Criteria with links to e-learning: Digistore advisors http://registeredteachercriteria.wikispaces.com

  • Sharing the VLN with secondary advisors

  • Looking forward to having conversations with people in the new Digi Advisors group: /pg/groups/103508/digi-advisors/

  • VLN Primary Online classes starting - request for enrolments Y7/8 languages & Astronomy spaces available http://tiny.cc/in6sy

  • TPLD Learning Languages PLD now open for application http://www.tpdl.ac.nz/about-tpdl go to contacts page for application form

  • It's Cook Islands Languages week. For classroom resources go to http://bit.ly/1FyhLuS