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  • The Blogging Challenge

    As a six year old I remember staring at a blank page and not wanting to make that f...k on a blog post. A blog that will be full of the insights and ponderings of a learner from a little country school...

  • Tony Ryan's Visit to our School - Enner Glynn

        We had the privilege of having Tony Ryan work with our leade...ll continue to struggle with inquiry (as we know, not every learner is suited to inquiry learning...more focussed learning model work with our learners (say a day or two day focuss...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    Over the last two weeks we have had John P...never posting content that could hurt your family name are the names of...nd we are pleased that so many of our learners and parents got to contribut...g to inform our school vision and the learner qualities we want our student...

  • Tech Wizards and Angels

    In 2010, Helen Morgan and Annemarie Hyde attended Ulearn 2010 in Christchurch. They...velopment. Tech Wizards and Angels NPGHS What Does It mean to Be a Digital Learner? Mokoia Intermediate Tech Wi...

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  • The Mobile Learner [Blog]

    From website: "This blog is the result of several desires: (1) To investigate the effectiveness of mobile devices on student learning; (2) To discuss issues of importan...

  • Stick Pick

    You can use Stick Pick as a random name generator, but t...n stems”  that are uniquely tied to each learner’s cognitive or English language ability level. You can even track your students’ performance! Ha...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a lev...s. Shared vision and values. Needs analysis among learner cohort. Investigation of oth...Dimensions: Relationships and Communication Learner Needs Logistical Coordinatio...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implementation ph...on plan objectives. Dimensions: Relationships and Communication Learner Needs Logistical Coordinatio...

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  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) i...will enable rather than dis-able learners in the way we teach and o...some that may have never been on your radar. The big win is that although learners bring huge variability to ou...create more courteous, inclusive learner-centred environments.

  • Ako-e


    This is the Virtual e-space for the participants and presenters at the TRCC co.... E-Learning allows: easy access to know...er world from the school or home; the learner and community to learn together; the learner to have varied experiences, a...

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