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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    Over the last two weeks we have had John P...never posting content that could hurt your family name are the names of...nd we are pleased that so many of our learners and parents got to contribut...g to inform our school vision and the learner qualities we want our student...

  • Tech Wizards and Angels

    In 2010, Helen Morgan and Annemarie Hyde attended Ulearn 2010 in Christchurch. They...velopment. Tech Wizards and Angels NPGHS What Does It mean to Be a Digital Learner? Mokoia Intermediate Tech Wi...

  • Characteristics of Adult Learners

    Characteristics of Adult Learners Learner Centred Methodologies Writte...elevancy oriented. Adults need to know why they are learning something....f-directed. They are self-reliant learners and prefer to work at their...om: http://www.assetproject.info/learner_methodologies/before/characte...