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Wire posts

  • Editing video footage from our Otakou Kids ICT Conference

  • Our TeKids programme is on a roll - our kids are taking a second workshop on Voicethreading Friday - running so smoothly.

  • spent the Day at NYLD2011. Kids were so excited, couldn't stop talking! will be exciting to see what they have to say tomorrow!

  • Lego League, getting kids into programming. Wellington Info day July 24 - http://bigwerk.blogspot.com/2011/06/lego-league.html

  • Awesome day today. Kids chatting to author Sandy Morris in the hot seat in superclubs plus. Thanks Sonya (Newmarket) for all the hard work!

  • brainstorming at Kids Congress revisioning meeting

  • Setting up the classroom on a stinking hot day. Fitting in four extra kids from last year...it's a bit like Rubiks Cube. : )

  • What are Kiwi kids are (really) doing online? A creative challenge http://bit.ly/YS6Km1

  • I were a classroom teacher I'd get my kids into this !! http://game.pounamu.gen.nz/ a hugely cool science, social studies, G &T activity imo

  • New blog post on credible self direction. Kids making kids thinkering. http://educheck.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/credible-self-direction-1.html