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  • A great resource if you are using iPads at primary level >> Snapshot: iPads in a Junior Classroom > www.bit.ly/Ha17Tu

  • Don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!: Live webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • Join us 8/9 Nov - First ever FREE ECEOnline Conf http://goo.gl/EYTEk will be of interest to Junior Teachers:-) Variety of times and presos

  • How can I support junior students with dyslexia in reading/writing?

  • Don't forget to register for our first LIVE webinar 2013: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom with Josie http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • If you missed last week's LIVE webinar on: Using Mobile Technologies in a Junior Classroom, view the recording here @ http://bit.ly/LATUMt

  • Keen to hear feedback on the use of grammatikus as a tool for junior secondary students. Has anyone been trying it or an alternative?

  • Emily Keenan wants to hear stories of how people are using GAFE in Junior classrooms. http://bit.ly/19VC1mR Is this you?

  • Hi I am looking for video clips or articles that explain the pedagogy and learning beliefs around the MLE . I am particularly interested in getting some clips that have junior classes as a focus of th

  • What does a Junior School MLE look like? http://goo.gl/OJJ9ma