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  • Comment on "Daily Five"

    Hi Colleen - the best suggestion is that you have a look at the Daily 5 book and the CAFE book to start with. &nb...e great kiwis that you can get in touch with who are amazing Daily 5ers!  Judy Mc...


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  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    Student artwork from schools has been on show at one of the Ministry of Education's he...(PDF 12KB). For More Information please contact:Judy Matthew, Senior Project Offic...cation,(ph) 04-463 8303, (fax) 04-463 8392 (e-mail) judy.ma...


  • Spirals of Inquiry

    Spirals of Inquiry

    This is a space for educators to share ideas, resources and practice to support schools to work collaboratively through the Spirals of Inquiry Framework.  Spirals of Inquiry hashtag on Twitter: #spiralsofinquiry       Fostering inquiry and collaboration: Google+ Request memb...

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