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  • The G.Caƒe

    The G.Cafe was designed to deliver elearning professional development and learning i...blogsite) http://geniuscafe10.blogspot.com/ If you would like a personal touch why not drop us an invitation...

  • Just in Time - An Idea Whose Time has Come

    One of the mantras that can be used to reflect on teaching practice is, “What story am I telling and wha...between. It is time to tell a different story. The computer in your pocket, the iPod/...

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  • Casebrook

    ...all staff to attend. Every week there is a short sharing session on ipod touch applications and use as one...em in the classrooms. We have PD days scheduled for PD in the use of ipod touches in the classsroom and staff...

  • Resources/research on BYOD

    ...ices A summary of the results of the Berkshire Wireless Initiative A response to the criticism of 1:1 computing, January 2010 Integrating the iPod Touch       &nbs...

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  • ICT PD needs

    Please rank these in order of priority for your teaching needs by writing 1(want the most),2,3,4,5 next to each focus. RSS feeds 1 Google docs 2 Ultranet 3 Photo presentation packages ipad ipod itunes imovie prezi twitter uspace skype digistore blogs wikis web pages  

  • St Mary's Teachers featured in National Publications

    ...year as well. Oh and I do LOVE my ipod touch! 3. What's your favourite...- which was a fun way to stay in touch with my class while I was aw...ding, but need some more ipads or ipods... 6. What would be your adv...I would like to learn more about ipods and how we could use them in...

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  • Sitting in the dark in a power cut, trying to touch type!! taking AAAAAAAGES!

  • Using iPADs, touch screens and PC notebooks to enhance learning in high school science and biology lessons. I am a beginner.

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  • iPad/iPod User Group

    iPad/iPod User Group

    We are using the VLN group to discuss iPad and iPod Touch use in an educational context. We are a growing group. Places to look are the discussions, activity, blog and bookmarks.

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Welcome to this community of Mathematics and Statistics teachers who are interested...steal others' ideas! If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. The short link for this comm...

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