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  • Kids caught in iPad download rip-off - NZ Herald News

    Read this then do this http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2011/08/18/children-taking-ios-devices-home/

    Tags: ipod, ipad, ios, home school partnership

  • Delicious iOS

    These online communities have been recommended by educators. They include support information, resources and recommendations for integrating mobile and iOS devices to support learning.

    Tags: ios, apps, ipads, iphone, ipod touch, ipod, mlearning

  • copying

    Tags: ipod

  • Collaborative Whiteboards

    I've been playing with an app called groupboard. Seems simple enough to set up with your mac and share a common webspace with up to 5 users on the free version. I had 2 ipads, laptop and iphone connected. Works well in real time, simple tools that are easy to use and allows pictures to be added. ...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, ipad, ipod

  • iPod Touch Initiative

    Greater South Canterbury Cluster iPod Touch Initiative.   Timaru South School (TSS)   Full Primary School Year 1 to 8   Context - iPod Touch integration throughout school.   Research model Used – Trial & Error, online research, Seminars, Kaiapoi Borough Schoo...

    Tags: ipod touch, Timaru South School, Ruckus, apps, techies, BYOD, ipod, Greater South Canterbury ICT Cluster

  • 21st Century Learning

    21st Century Learning

    Exploring 21st century learning, e-learning and flexible learning environments.

    Tags: 21st century learning, e-learning, flipped classroom, ipad, ipod, inquiry, key competencies, blogging

  • mLearning Capability Pilot Project

    This was originally posted by Fiona 11 December 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning.   Nathan Kerr and Robert Douglas, teachers at Howick College, participated in the mLearning Capability Pilot Project in 2010. Th...

    Tags: ios, apps, ipads, iphone, ipod touch, ipod, mlearning

  • Building connections with other schools and teachers with similar interests

    Tags: 21st century learning, ipod, ipad, e-learning, flipped classroom, adventure learning, inquiry,

  • BYOD, 1:1 & 1:2 Database

    Tags: BYOD, 1:1, 1:2, ipad, ipod, netbook, laptop, android, surface

  • Make QR Code that will talk back

    Make a QR code that will play an audio file (text to speech)  http://qrvoice.net (note: you need to have an internet connection...)

    Tags: audio, qr, code, ipod