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  • Lyn Ross

    About me: I live in Palmerston North.  I love all things digital and I can't begin to imagine life without the Internet, my iPad or my iPhone! I enjoy creating online spaces.Interests: iphone

  • calum mcgonigle

    About me: I am one of the E-learning facilitators for the Wellington Loop. I also run my own web design company and have started building some iphone and ipad mobile apps for fun .

  • Caroline Rogers

    Interests: iphones

  • Gary S

    About me: ...and an extremely supportive community. I am particularly interested in moving further towards 21 century learning. I am a PC guy that has let his iPhone convert him to having a soft...

  • Andrew Churches

    About me: I am a teacher, author, keynote and workshop presenter and ICT enthusiast. I believes that to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change, te...