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  • New @Software4LnrNZ snapshot via @camlockie Implementing iPads/Touches http://softwareforlearning.tki.org.nz/Snapshots/iOS

  • I am getting half a dozen ipads for my room, I am on the hunt for some great ways to use them to engage and enthuse learning and beyond

  • Can anyone share any agreements on home use of school iPads. Some sort of protocol for their use outside of school time.

  • The first e-learning round-up of 2012...events, iPads, leadership, PD... what's useful for your planning? http://bit.ly/AEWV4y

  • Handy little tip to print out your app library for school iPads- iTunes>apps> file> print> choose mosaic or list. > Nice!

  • what can i use to replace flash player as ipads dont allow it. need it for mathletic site. any1?

  • Using iPADs, touch screens and PC notebooks to enhance learning in high school science and biology lessons. I am a beginner.

  • A great resource if you are using iPads at primary level >> Snapshot: iPads in a Junior Classroom > www.bit.ly/Ha17Tu

  • 4 tools and an inquiry! > Another inquiry shapshot from Software4Learning > Blogger, Wikispaces, Kidblog and iPads http://bit.ly/LpbUeh

  • Great improvements for educators using iPads ios6 http://mgleeson.edublogs.org/