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  • Join the free e-portfolios in the classroom webinar today 3:30-4:40. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P. Details http://bit.ly/LUy1IY.

  • I would like to use a Remote Desktop app to use my PC screen on my iPad. Any suggestions of an inexpensive but good one?

  • The e-portfolios in the classroom webinar starts at 3:30. Come and join us http://bit.ly/LUy1IY

  • e-Portfolios in the classroom webinar and associated docs now online on the Webinar recordings page http://bit.ly/M5NGG3. Check it out!!

  • Korero 5 – Budgeting for Achievement- Primary and Intermediate There have lots of great ideas and comments that I agree with. What are 3 coaching questions I would ask or want answered as the p

  • Not too late to sign up for another great Enabling e-Learning webinar: e-Portfolios in the classroom 14 June http://bit.ly/OdJhT7 #eLearn

  • Happy that John Scheurs has just become the 500th member of the iPad group! Congratulations John.

  • Yes but if I answer here others in the iPad group wouldn't be able to see it. Would you like to ask the question in the iPad group.

  • Alert - ios6 for iPad and iPod users... http://learninginhand.com/blog/now-you-can-upload-photos-and-videos-to-websites-from-your-i.html

  • Has anyone else used the ipad mini in a classroom? Add your experience to the discussion. /discussion/view/749344