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  • Hi Monika, VLN search results: http://bit.ly/VuwvoP Some numeracy/literacy links compiled here: http://bit.ly/UB3DMi Any classroom ideas?

  • We run an extension Maths class through the VLN Primary

  • Hi All. I am looking for stories read in Tongan, Samoan and Tokolauan for Primary level, and would appreciate your help :)

  • Anybody else using ipad minis in schools? Join the discussion. /discussion/view/749344?orderby=desc

  • Online Classes - Not too late to join in! /blog/view/791289/vln-primary-online-classes--not-too-late-to-join-in

  • Don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!: Live webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • VLN Primary - Like Us and Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter http://www.facebook.com/VLN.Primary and https://twitter.com/VLNPrimary

  • Gaming in the classroom? No way! Want to know more? Come and join us for EEL event 13th Nov: http://bit.ly/1cQKGeP

  • Looking for balanced research about effects of computer/device use on students in primary schools, please, for a concerned parent. THANKS!

  • Added 'Important Stuff' section 2 the iPad Group /groups/profile/26613/ipadipod-user-group what else should go there