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  • Does Ultrafast Broadband mean more than faster uploads/downloads? See the difference it really makes in the classroom: http://bit.ly/YN81IT

  • A plea from the (primary) students themselves (who also created the video: Engage Me! http://bit.ly/185iySx

  • Primary & Secondary Distance Education: Expanding the knowledge base in schools sector http://ning.it/12wnHzh

  • Post: Are we concerned about all ability groups within a classroom, or do we focus only on the ‘struggling’ students? http://t.co/pRGHftZPKe

  • Monika Kern: How do we best support ESOL students at rural primary schools? /discussion/view/811624?orderby=latest

  • NZ Primary Schools. Would you please take the time to fill in this very short (2 question) survey on assessment? http://goo.gl/keDs0 thnx

  • I wonder who will be the 1000th member of the iPad group?

  • 5x days to go #TeachNZ Sabbatical - First Stop Hawaii Flat Classroom Conference.

  • Congratulations to Nicki Harding, 1000th member of the iPad group. A little gift is ready to send your way. :-)

  • WEBINAR: Wednesday 14th August 3.45-4.45pm Practical strategies for the classroom: Māori students learning as Māori http://bit.ly/17iEQ1Y