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  • Guinea Pig class

    A Yr8 class at Tauranga Intermediate have been given 4 iPads for the year. Ready to go as of yesterday. I'm sure if there are issues/glitches these kids will find them. They have been synced to the teachers laptop who has the iTunes account. iTunes gift cards used to keep track of purchases. Star...

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  • iPad wiki


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  • Learning@Schools iPad links

    Anthony Wrights wiki outlining how he has been using iPads in his Year 6 classroom. Some great ideas. Love the iBrainstorm app. http://learnersandthinkerswithipadsandipods.wikispaces.com/ Paula's iPaddle wiki. Full of great ideas. Apps by Year group. Love the Epic App for Year 7 & 8 Literac...

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  • The arrival of the iDevice.

    There is a tipping point with the introduction of any device and the iPad is no exception. For education the tipping point is when the focus changes from how it works to what it can create. From that point on it becomes a natural part of the learning ecosystem. Today we do not spend time mar...

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  • Turn your iPad 1 or 2 into an IWB

    You need an iPad, computer, data projector, AirDisplay App $13.99 from iTunes and Ink2go App $19.99 from App Store. For detailed instructions of how to set up go here http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/iupgrade/id261231188

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  • IPad Smackdown

    Chris Betcher, Andrew Churches, Deon Scanlon and I recorded a podcast over the weekend of our favourite apps. Have a listen- we get through quite a few! http://virtualstaffroom.net/2011/04/vsr42-ios-app-smackdown/

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  • BOP iPad Focus group meeting at Selwyn Ridge School

    Thanks to Matt for hosting this meeting. Useful Sites http://ipaddle.wikispaces.com/http://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/http://slidetolearn.info/https://edutechdebate.org/tablet-computers-in-education/assessing-the-impact-of-ipads-on-education-one-year-later/http://speirs.org/blog/201...

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  • Why every kid needs an iPad

    Not quite sure yet how this blog thing works on the VLN but came across this nice article on why every kid needs an iPad. Never thought of it as a good replacement for a TV but I don't think he's worng. http://www.cultofmac.com/why-every-child-in-america-needs-an-ipad/93887  

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  • Multiple options for learning: Using the iPad

    Here's the video that was recently shared on the ICTPD Online newsletter. It demonstrates the potential of creating learning environments that include learners with all sorts of learning styles.   Click to play      

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  • eLearning Round-up | 4 July 2011

    Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for eLearning goodness? I've done it for you:-)   eMember of the week Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to our eLearning community. This week, it's.... Rachel Boyd: DP (eLearning) & Classroom teacher (Year 2's) from...

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