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  • New Musical Instrument Invention App.

    Hi I wanted to let you know about a mucical instrement inevntion app that we've been working on. Students are challenged to think up a whole new musical instrement and create it on the app. The coolest thing is that they have a chance of getting their ideas made on TV. Keen to hear what you think...

    Tags: music, invention, thinking, new ideas.

  • Invention App. for iPad

    Hi I wanted to let everone know about our new iPad app. Studednts can create their ideas and concepts then submit their creations to our online forum. All the ideas submitted have a chance of getting made and even a patent if they make it through to the 'Let's Get Inventin' TV show.  I'd be...

    Tags: science, technology, invention, creative thinking, genius

  • Let's Get Inventing App

    Check out some wild invention ideas from kids. Many of these are going to be on TV in October. http://pinterest.com/lukenola9/invention-app/

    Tags: invention, science, technology, creative, thinking, patent, genius

  • Building a prosthetic LEGO arm

    How clever is this young man? Living with a personal challenge he wanted to overcome, he quickly got to work with materials he knew - LEGO. It was only until the LEGO product was strong enough that he could build a prothetic arm he could use daily. Inspiring conversatio...

    Tags: lego, invention, useful, problem, solving

  • Why 3D printers?

    Tags: technology, 3D printer, inspiration, innovation, invention, creativity

  • The Ranger by Na Ngahu

    The Ranger is a great example of an original story made up without the use of the Little Legends Story Machine. If you have your own story to tell just type it in, read it out and build the pictures to it as Na Ngahu does here.

    Tags: story, creation, invention