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  • Safer Internet Day: what's it all about? Check out Jane's post here http://bit.ly/1Dd3MKk and share your stories here http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

  • Here's a challenge...who will be the first person to add #1 TOP SAFETY TIP for Safer Internet Day? http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

  • Loving the Honest internet capabilities.

  • An interesting read on how Our future depends on participation through internet connectivity @ http://fizurl.com/connectivity

  • Not sure how my comment made it to here? Anyway opn the cybersafety issue, we have just looked at the useage for our internet

  • Road safety... internet safety, can't Skype through the storm :( Sorry @kokachrissy

  • This is what the internet looks like: 460 million internet connected devices, mapped. pic.twitter.com/82vKPulF82

  • If you browse, shop or trade online, don't miss Fair Go this Wednesday night for 1 hour special on the Internet :-)

  • Planning to use blogger as eportfolio f SE students, private betw teacher & parents. What internet agreement is needed betw hm & school?

  • We've kicked off a very special 24 HOUR THREAD today in honour of Safer Internet Day 2015. http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY Come and join us! #SID2015