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Results for "integration"


  • Sam Cunnane

    Interests: curriculum integration projectWebsite: http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/

  • BecPower

    Skills: elearning integration

  • Lorena Strother

    About me: Kia Ora Koutou ma.... English Teacher & English Teacher in the CURRICULUM INTEGRATION PROJECT (MAGAZINE PROJECT), ICT co-ordinator, Scholarship Manager, Principal's Nominee..... Brief description: English teacher & English Teacher in the CURRICULUM INTEGRATION PROJECT (MAGAZINE PROJECT) ICT co-ordinator, Scholarship manager, Principal's Nominee.....Website: http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: ...learning and teaching.  What could be called the second wave of ICT integration into schools’. The first wave.../ changing nature of the world around us. Is the "third wave of ICT integration into schools upon us, as indi...

  • Marcus Norrish

    Interests: ict integration

  • Amanda O'Connell

    Skills: technology integration

  • Rohan Meuli

    About me: I am the Business Director of Our School Ltd (previously i-com) which specialises in providing cloud integration services to schools eg single sign-on, user provisioning, Google Apps, etc

  • Matthew Thomas

    About me: I am the ICT Integration Specialist Teacher at Selwyn Ridge Primary School in Tauranga, New Zealand. I'm currently really excited and am planning towards the successful implemen...

  • Libby Schumacher-Knight

    About me: I am a Digital Technology and Physical Education teacher at Wellington Girls' College. In 2013 I have also taken on the role of ICT Advisor, mainly foucsing at the integration of Moodle but also Google Apps for Education. I am addicated to surfing and also train in karate outside of school hours.

  • Diego del Blanco

    Interests: integrations