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  • Using an E-Learning approach to the curriculum at Mt. Roskill Grammar

    MRGS: ICT PD A smart approach to Professional Learning. What do we want to achieve? At Mt. Roskill Grammar School, we are looking to develop effective and resposive teaching pedagogies aimed at assisting our students to become successful, powerful learners who are active and responsible citize...

    Tags: MRGS, vpld, PLCs, lead team, professional learning groups, MRGS reflective summary, curriculum, integrating e-learning,

  • Establishing Professional Learning Groups

    e-WRaPpER cluster Summary November 2011 Goal to help teachers integrate e-learning effectively into their practice to create an exciting and learning environment for all students  (National Goal 3) Background & Context e-WraPpER cluster is a group of 5 urban & rural primary sch...

    Tags: professional learning groups, discussions, integrating e-learning, reflective summaries, e-wrapper, Everglade