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  • Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral

    This is a big video about making big changes in big spaces. It illustrates the value of full immersion in sensory play and exploration and not just for the under 5s.  Of particular interest is the language and analogies Heatherwick uses to express his concepts.

    Tags: science, play, inquiry learning

  • Handspring Puppet Co.: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

    This is an exquiste video illustrating the design process. It got TED on it's feet.  It is a resource for science, tech, history, theatre ... It is also just a beautiful example of the fruit of cross discipline partnerships in creativity. Interactive transcript also available.

    Tags: inquiry learning, science, technology, theatre, history

  • TeKids - Week 7

    I wasn't able to attend the TeKids session this week, but our students did.  I was really impressed with what they have achieved today.  They have shown that they do have the skills, and I believe these have developed from them leading our own school TeKids upskilling.  They used a...

    Tags: inquiry learning, elearning, web 2.0

  • VLN - Reflection for Staff Meeting

    We have decided to take time out of our staff meetings to reflect and celebrate what is happening in our classrooms.  This can be checked out in our AOKteacher group blog /pg/groups/52477/aokteachers/

    Tags: reflection, elearning, inquiry learning

  • Ulearn11 reflection

    Ulearn - brilliant!!I was fortunate enough to be one of the team from Mantar Cluster to attend the ulearn conference this year. It was an inspiring and motivating conference with so many fantastic speakers and presenters. Legends like, Dr. Julia Atkin, Trevor Bond, Dr. Jan Herrington, Karen ...

    Tags: ulearn11, integration, inquiry learning, pd

  • Inquiry and e-Learning TOD

    TOD e-Learning Teacher Only Day started the year off diving head first into some professional learning based around our school's e-Learning with a main focus on Inquiry Learning. For the e-Learning section we re-visited some of the good ideas raised last year and reminded ourselves about...

    Tags: somerset, e-learning, inquiry learning, professional development

  • Celebrating Inquiry Learning with Whanau

    Our middle syndicate, (Rata, year 3-4) recently held a sharing session in our school hall to celebrate and share their inquiry learning this term. Other classes and parents were invited. There were; digital displays and clear e-learning integration models diagrams posters interactive activ...

    Tags: Somerset, Inquiry learning, whanau, parents, student voice