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  • Developing our eAchieve Cluster Portal: How the AppleTree Cluster collaborates online

    What was important for us? To develop an online learning community where teachers, students, leaders, and whanau can come together to share resources, communicate, and reflect on their own and their students’/children’s learning Why was this important? Based on teacher interviews, ...

    Tags: ICTPD, school, community, primary, inquiry,

  • Developing a Personalised Inquiry Model for our Cluster

    Year level 1 to 12Cluster type We are a year 2 ICTPD cluster comprising 3 remote schools, Twizel Area School, Aoraki Mt Cook Primary School and Tekapo Primary School. We are also a very diverse cluster in that not only are we geographically remote from other towns and each other but also very dif...

    Tags: ictpd, inquiry, model,

  • Use e -learningto make connections, enter and explore new learning environments

      Woodbury School- Reflective Summary   Use e-learning to make connections, enter and explore new learning environments. Use e-learning to create opportunities for students to become experts, teaching others.   Background Woodbury is part of the Aoraki Rural Cluster whi...

    Tags: Aoraki Rural Cluster, rural school, inquiry, year1-6, wikispaces, solar system, podcasting, comic life

  • Sustaining Distributive Leadership

    Video Links of Lead Teachers Sharing Reflection on Leadership This video shows two lead teachers discussing how the professional development and tour of other schools has impacted on them as leaders. They also discuss how this transfers to getting alongside their teachers and de...

    Tags: distributive leadership, sustainability, rural, inquiry, leadership, primary,

  • Mathematics Inquiry in the Kapiti Collaborative

    The Kapiti Collaborative Mathematics Pedagogy working party addressed the achievement challenge of why students in the middle and upper achievement bands were not appearing to make significant progress.Through the use of evidence in the form of student achievement information, teacher and student...

    Tags: mathematics, inquiry, Kapiti Collaborative

  • Students Using Video to Reflect on Inquiry

    Background and Context Connecting Canty Communities St Albans School Year 3 and 4 Inquiry Learning Aims and Purpose Teachers are continuing to provide a range of opportunities for students to develop the key competencies using ICT and e-learning for: creativity; communicating, colla...

    Tags: stalbans, reflection, imovie, ccc, video, inquiry

  • Greater South Canterbury Cluster Inquiry Initiative

        Background & Context Greater South Canterbury Cluster, Geraldine Primary Lead School Inquiry Learning. Geraldine Primary School Years 1-6   Aims & Purposes National Goal 1 To become successful digital citizens. National Goal 3 Teachers to integrate e-learning e...

    Tags: inquiry, greater South Canterbury, Geraldine Primary School, Pam Hook, James Nottingham

  • Kids Rewired - Real Inquiry facilitated by elearning & Powerful PLD

    Kids Rewired Highlights 2012 from r[E]wired on Vimeo. Kids Rewired - Real Inquiry facilitated by elearning & Powerful PLD Inquiry Synopsis KIDS REWIRED  is a student led inquiry as well as an innovative Kids conference with a difference. It is a conference which is organised BY stud...

    Tags: vln, inquiry, pld, Tauranga Moana, MLE, LMS, Ultranet

  • Completed Teaching as Inquiry Plans 2011

    These files are the completed "Teaching as Inquiry" plans from the Malvern ICTPD cluster schools. (They will be uploaded as they are completed). Each school was asked to supply one example of the type of teacher inquiry that they completed this year. These plans were created in term 1 this yea...

    Tags: Inquiry, Malvern, ictpd, reflections,

  • Blended ELearning 2011

    Tags: blended learning, inquiry learning, inquiry processes, intermediate, Inquiry,